What’s Up With The Low Rating on oDesk?

To date, I’ve been asked several times – how did you get a low rating after programming for someone for more than 100 hours? I think this is a fair question that must be addressed and this is this easiest way to give everyone access to the information without having to repeat myself often.

I was performing programming changes for Adam Israel the owner of ourkidsasd.com. Everything was going well until I found some public security issues related to ourkidsasd.com. I found the information, in Google, completely by accident but thought that it would be best if I informed the owner and his existing programmers of the security risks.

I created a free report identifying many of their web pages that displayed programming code, database information, directory structure information and more. The pages displayed everything necessary to make a hacker’s job very easy. I informed them that they should not store entire credit card numbers, expiration dates or credit card security codes in their database as this is against PCI (credit card industry) rules. I gave information and links so that they could verify what I was telling them. Adam thanked me and advised that he needed to keep his database the way it is for business purposes and stated that he may consider becoming PCI compliant sometime in the near future.

A few days after emailing the report I noticed a change in attitude towards me from the owner and one of his subordinates. I don’t know if they thought I would tell someone or just didn’t want to hear bad news. I had no plans on telling anyone and only created this post because potential employers seem to want to know what happened.

I would encourage potential employers to review all of my ratings and comments before putting too much credence in the rating on this job. I’ve programmed for more than 16 years, graduated in the top 10% of my class and have had my programming code reviewed and approved by the federal government. This clients rating of me is nothing more than an immature response to bad news.